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April, 2017

Congratulations Dean and Mike on receiving your Shodan (1st degree) rank!
Dean completed his promotion yesterday morning with a spirited two hours of fighting Senior Seido Blackbelts and was awarded his blackbelt by Kaicho. After being away for quite a few years, Mike completed two years of training in order to be rewarded by Kaicho with his original blackbelt which he received back in 1992. Please be sure to congratulate them when you see them at the dojo.

April, 2016

Congratulations Kyoshi Lauren!
Sensei Lauren has completed her promotion to 5th Degree Black Belt.

January, 2015

Congratulations to Our Recently Promoted Students!
Charles Nygard, Mungo McGhee – Adv. Blue Belt
Thomas LaRose – Yellow Belt
Nicholas Tyler Briscoe, Trevor Cangemi – Adv. Yellow Belt
Erin & Keira Ahearn – Green Belt
Teagan Ahearn – Adv. Green Belt
Esme Ng – Brown Belt
Elizabeth Harvey & Juan Carlos Payero – Adv. Blue Belt

December, 2014

Welcome to our new students!
Max Dudkin & Marcel Maksymowicz

Congratulations to Our Recently Promoted Students!
Adam Moreno & Esa Kaba – Adv. White Belt

October, 2014

10.12.14 - Asian Heritage Festival at Snug Harbor Cultural Center. Check out our photo in the Staten Island Advance. Click here. Thank you again to all who participated. Special thanks to parents and family members who supported us at the event.

Congratulations to our NEW student!
Esa Kaba

The Staten Island Seido Family welcomes you.

Congratulations Kyoshi Freddy!

After six challenging days of promotion spread over the past four weeks Sensei Freddy has completed his promotion for Godan – 5th Degree Black Belt. His official title now is KYOSHI!

Kyoshi Freddy with Kaicho and Nidaime

Kyoshi Roger and Kyoshi Freddy

Kyoshi Freddy and Staten Island Seido

Welcome to Our New Students

Kathryn Altieri
Michael Metoua
Samantha Peralta


February 18, 2012

Congratulations to our students who have recently been promoted to the following:

Adv. Blue Belt -Kyle & Kevin Watson
Blue Belt - Julia & Olivia Barrow, Sonny Capriola, Isabella Pasquale, Cara Scollan
Orange Belt - Joseph Puca

Holiday Donations

We donated food to the Food Pantry at Our Lady of Good Council on Staten Island. Pictured with us is Ex. Dir. Maryann Bollinger and Treas. Dolores Connelly.

Food Pantry Donation

Food Pantry Donation


Congratulations to our students who have been promoted to the following:

December 2011

Giovanni Santiago - Adv. Blue Belt
Anthony Leandro - Adv. Blue Belt
Victor Ferranolla - Adv. Blue Belt
Jason O'Bourke - Blue Belt
Esme Ng - Blue Belt
Isabella Pasquale - Adv. White Belt
Cara Scollan - Adv. White Belt
Sonny Capriola - Adv. White Belt
Joseph Puca - Adv. White Belt
Ray Pose - Green Belt

November 2011

Marco Altieri - Adv. Blue
Jonathon Viera - Adv. Blue
Kyle & Kevin Watson - Blue
Julia & Olivia Watson - Adv. White.



September 10, 2011

September 2011 Promotion Congratulations to our students who have been promoted to the following:

Colin Rualo – Brown Belt
Gavin Rualo – Advanced Green Belt

Donations to Japan
Seido Karate members visit Japan to offer donations and give origami cranes created by our young members after the devastating earthquake that occurred earlier in the year.

See more photos at our gallery.


June 18, 2011

Congratulations to our students who have been promoted to the following:

Jonathon Viera - Blue
Anthony Leandro - Blue
Gianna Leandro - Blue
Victor Ferranolla - Blue
Marco Altieri - Blue
Giovani Santiago - Blue
Michael Taran - Advanced Yellow

January 9, 2011 - Kagami Baraki
At Kagami Baraki this past January, students enjoyed a spirited workout followed by a meditation lecture by Kaicho. His new year message this year was "Ta Shon Ji Shin". Ta Shon, meaning "to respect the person next to you at all times." Respect for others will be bring respect for yourself. Ji Shin, meaning "to believe in yourself." As Seido karateka we train hard for physical advancement. But we must also remember that our training is spiritual and energetic. We train to build confidence in ourselves not only to face physical challenges but also life's difficult situations. When faced with a serious problem such as illness, loss of a loved one or lack of finances due to job loss; we must remember our karate training. Seido teaches us to face our challenges not run from them. The Bushido spirit is instilled in all Seido Karateka and we must always trust that our karate-do is strong and will help us in dealing with any difficult situation.

October 2010 - Seido Tournament
Colin Rualo, Green Belt, wins First Place in Boys 4th Kyu Kata, Junior division at the 2010 Seido Tournament in NYC.

Colin Rualo Wins First Place in KataSeido Judges Gives High Scores After Colin Rualo's Kata



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